Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Knit what you wear, Wear what you knit

WovenArt was privileged to host the most amazing Sally Melville last weekend.  A talented designer, technician and wonderful teacher, I walked away with lots of food for thought, and some new resolutions. Would those be St Patrick's Day resolutions?

Sally's mantra through the weekend was "Knit what you wear, and wear what you knit." I am a yarn shop owner. I knit all the time - but mostly it is for the shop. So, I tend not to wear what I knit. Two things wrong with that.  One: I am missing out on the fun of wearing some great sweaters, and two - I should be a better role model.

Sally also spoke extensively about how to choose the garment shapes that will flatter each individual the most, and what to pair these shapes with. This was most eye opening. My shopping and knitting in the past has been a haphazard adventure in choosing what is trendy, or a pretty color, or intriguing, or would get the sales person to leave me alone.  I have never considered how flattering a shape might be, or what outfits are best together.  The result is that I have a closet full of things I liked well enough to buy, but not well enough to wear. Armed with new knowledge of flattering proportions, I have a much better idea of how to put together outfits that I will feel comfortable in, and that will make me look good. Don't you always feel more comfortable when you know you look good?  Saddly I am pretty sure I recently threw away a beautiful long, full, silver skirt, because I never wore it. I never wore it because I couldn't figure out what I should be wearing it with. 

Many thanks to "The closet knitter", who I enjoyed for many reasons.  I am looking forward to her return - which could be September!

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