Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Schefflera Cozy

Many of you have seen me working on my Coco Knits Felted Bucket.  It is the perfect pick-up, put down, pick up again project. It has been my shop project for the last few months. I finally threw it in the washing machine a couple of weeks ago.  My intent was to line it, and have it filled with yarn.  But after it came out of the washer, the mid section looked so much like a terra cotta pot that I just had to put a plant in it. Brilliant.  There are so many reasons I like this!  A felt pot won't scratch your table. If you happen to over water your plant, the wool will absorb most of the extra moisture. I want to knit cozies for all my plants now!

I only made a couple of modifications to the original pattern. I used Punta Merisoft for the yarn. I love how it felts and how pretty it is.  I didn't feel like making i-cord handles and attaching them to the sides. Dunno why - just didn't wanna. Instead, I picked up and knit around the top edge, knit one row, bound off for a handle space, casting on again at the same spot on the next round. Then a few more rows of reverse stockingette. After binding off, I tacked the roll over the edge, all this before felting of course. Now I have two handles at the top, to aid in carrying my plant around.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Comfort Bear

Should I call him Levi? Because he is made of Riveting, a new yarn from Kollage made from 100% post consumer recycled blue jeans.  I started him on our vacation - the perfect beach knit! Not hot, the yarn didn't stick to me, and the pattern was pretty easy - but not boring!

I made the bear for two reasons. I wanted to try out Riveting, (love it!) and I wanted to make a bear for the Lansing Police Department Comfort Bear project. Kristi Garcia has been coordinating this ongoing project in our community for many months now.  All area yarn shops are collection points, with the next pick up in June.  "Levi" (still not sure that is his name) has one friend at WovenArt (Thank You! Sarah!), but they would like more company. Don't you want to knit a smile?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Progress on Calvary Commission

Five of eight panels have now been completed for Calvary Lutheran. They are pictured here on my living room floor. I needed to get an idea of how the pieces would work together.  I believe they will be much more effective on the wall, with the proper spacing in between.

I am in the process of threading the loom for panel number six. Panel number 7 has been dyed.  There is more work to be done, but I feel that I am "over the hill".  I am beginning to really anticipate installing these hangings in their future home.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome David!

 WovenArt has a new member in it's studio family. David (from Louet) arrived Friday afternoon, in a great big box.
 There were a lot of pieces to put together.
 And a LOT of screws.

The instructions were clearly written and illustrated, and in just four hours of labor, David was sitting up in his new spot.  This loom is a bit different from my other looms. This is our first "boy". He doesn't take up very much floor space, but he is very powerful. 8 harnesses means he can tackle complex patterns. Sturdy design and construction means he will be able to make rugs.  He has a sinking shed instead of a rising one, and an overhead beater.  I think I had better try him out before any students get to him, don't you?  You know, a test drive.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Knit what you wear, Wear what you knit

WovenArt was privileged to host the most amazing Sally Melville last weekend.  A talented designer, technician and wonderful teacher, I walked away with lots of food for thought, and some new resolutions. Would those be St Patrick's Day resolutions?

Sally's mantra through the weekend was "Knit what you wear, and wear what you knit." I am a yarn shop owner. I knit all the time - but mostly it is for the shop. So, I tend not to wear what I knit. Two things wrong with that.  One: I am missing out on the fun of wearing some great sweaters, and two - I should be a better role model.

Sally also spoke extensively about how to choose the garment shapes that will flatter each individual the most, and what to pair these shapes with. This was most eye opening. My shopping and knitting in the past has been a haphazard adventure in choosing what is trendy, or a pretty color, or intriguing, or would get the sales person to leave me alone.  I have never considered how flattering a shape might be, or what outfits are best together.  The result is that I have a closet full of things I liked well enough to buy, but not well enough to wear. Armed with new knowledge of flattering proportions, I have a much better idea of how to put together outfits that I will feel comfortable in, and that will make me look good. Don't you always feel more comfortable when you know you look good?  Saddly I am pretty sure I recently threw away a beautiful long, full, silver skirt, because I never wore it. I never wore it because I couldn't figure out what I should be wearing it with. 

Many thanks to "The closet knitter", who I enjoyed for many reasons.  I am looking forward to her return - which could be September!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Vacation Knitting part two

After two days of skiing, we went here. See the beautiful beach?  What do you think the perfect project would be?                           
A Teddy Bear out of Riveting by Kollage! This recyled cotton was the perfect thing to be knitting with on a hot, steamy beach. The bear is for the Lansing Police Department's Comfort Bear program.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vacation Knitting part one

Gary and I took a Winter break over the last two weeks.  We started our vacation by going NORTH to Stokely Creek for a cross country ski adventure.  Along with us went a group of Gary's running friends. A nice surprise was to also run into some people we knew as neighbors years ago. 

The lodge is cozy, has a fire place, and really great food.  The trails are groomed, and suitable for a wide range of skill levels. My skill level is " do I have to?" Our friend, Dick, has an obsession with cross country skiing - so his level is a frightening race to the tops of mountains, followed by shooting down the other side. I didn't ski with Dick.  I enjoyed myself more than I expected to, on lovely gentle slopes, each morning.  Each afternoon I settled in by the fire with a book and my knitting.  To my delight, there were other knitters there as well.

It turned out to be a delightful Winter Break.  And the perfect project pairing?
Volt from The Fine Line  in Isager 100% Wool.  In addition to being easy enough for conversation and wine by the fire, the light weight wool kept my knees toasty.