Monday, November 1, 2010

Waterfall of Warp


I love the way the warp looks, cascading over the beam of the loom, like water.

I have begun threading the heddles.  This morning I dyed the right center two panels. I want to get all the warps dyed as soon as possible.  Somehow I think that dyeing them all at nearly the same time will make them turn out to be more nearly the same color.  So, my routine is measure and wind warp, thread, dye, repeat.   I have four more panels to measure off and dye. I might be able to start weaving by mid-November.

My knitting projects in the meantime include Cocoknits Buckets, the wrap called Volt from a Fine Line,  Diamond Lucy socks from Chrissy Gardener's book Toe-Up!, and a Christmas Stocking from Judy's Colors.  Four knitting projects.  That means I have to finish one before I can cast on for another. My money says the bucket will be finished first.

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