Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The warp is nearly wound on, and I have discovered a problem. I measured off the warp in two inch increments to facilitate the painting of the warp.  The last bundle on the right was measured off at 8 yards instead of 6 yards.  How did that happen?  No matter. What to do?
Option 1: Re-paint this section.  Pro: it would maybe be a close match. Con: Very messy, and complicated, plus need to add drying time.
Option 2: Pull that section back further, and weight it. Con:This could potentially mess with the tension on that side, making for uneven weaving, and constant fussing. Pro: If it works, it would match perfectly. 
Option 3: Take that section out entirely, and make all the panels 2 inches narrower.  Pro: No problem with the color and look, and it would be a bit more manageable.  The warp is currently at the full width of the loom, which can be difficult to maintain over long yardage. Con: all the pieces would be 2 inches narrower.  I am not sure how that works with the over all space that we are trying to fill. I really think it would be fine.  Another problem is that this warp would no longer be centered. That is maybe not such a big deal.
Option 4: Just let it be, and call it a design element. 

I am torn between options 3 and 4.  Gotta decide. Need to start weaving!

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