Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Weekend ahead!

It is so much fun to have Melissa Leapman here again for a weekend of workshops!  This fabulous teacher, and friend, will be presenting 4 workshops: Cable Confidence, Celtic Cables,  Mosaic Knitting and Two Color double Knitting at Woven Art on Saturday and Sunday (call 517-203-4467 if you want in on this! If you are reading this on Friday 11/12 it is not too late).

As an added bonus we also have Ken Wing of Leilani Arts with a trunk show of really beautiful yarns. The prices are also unbelievably good.
Here are a few eye dazzlers:

Handspun Angora

Mulberry Silk


Recylced Sari Silk

And Melissa playing hide and seek in the yummy yarn

You can see this trunk show this weekend, 11/13 and 11/14 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days.
Woven Art is located at 325B Grove St
East Lansing, MI 48823

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The warp is nearly wound on, and I have discovered a problem. I measured off the warp in two inch increments to facilitate the painting of the warp.  The last bundle on the right was measured off at 8 yards instead of 6 yards.  How did that happen?  No matter. What to do?
Option 1: Re-paint this section.  Pro: it would maybe be a close match. Con: Very messy, and complicated, plus need to add drying time.
Option 2: Pull that section back further, and weight it. Con:This could potentially mess with the tension on that side, making for uneven weaving, and constant fussing. Pro: If it works, it would match perfectly. 
Option 3: Take that section out entirely, and make all the panels 2 inches narrower.  Pro: No problem with the color and look, and it would be a bit more manageable.  The warp is currently at the full width of the loom, which can be difficult to maintain over long yardage. Con: all the pieces would be 2 inches narrower.  I am not sure how that works with the over all space that we are trying to fill. I really think it would be fine.  Another problem is that this warp would no longer be centered. That is maybe not such a big deal.
Option 4: Just let it be, and call it a design element. 

I am torn between options 3 and 4.  Gotta decide. Need to start weaving!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Waterfall of Warp


I love the way the warp looks, cascading over the beam of the loom, like water.

I have begun threading the heddles.  This morning I dyed the right center two panels. I want to get all the warps dyed as soon as possible.  Somehow I think that dyeing them all at nearly the same time will make them turn out to be more nearly the same color.  So, my routine is measure and wind warp, thread, dye, repeat.   I have four more panels to measure off and dye. I might be able to start weaving by mid-November.

My knitting projects in the meantime include Cocoknits Buckets, the wrap called Volt from a Fine Line,  Diamond Lucy socks from Chrissy Gardener's book Toe-Up!, and a Christmas Stocking from Judy's Colors.  Four knitting projects.  That means I have to finish one before I can cast on for another. My money says the bucket will be finished first.