Sunday, October 24, 2010

Slow progress

But, still, progress!

 There is a lot involved to setting up a weaving.  This project will be huge.  8 panels, each four feet wide, and of varying heights.  Last post I showed you the left center panels getting painted.  Here is a picture of the right center panels as they are measured on a warping mill.  To facilitate painting the background image, I am winding off the warp in two inch increments - 25 of them. 

I have begun to thread the loom for the left center panels.  I discovered a mistake in calculations.  I measured the warp off at 12 ends per inch.  The reed in the loom, that was used to make the sample, is a 10 dent reed.  This means that I have to drop 3 or 4 threads off from each two inch segment of warp. I don't believe this will disrupt the image in any significant way. It does mean I have about 90 extra painted warp threads.  Maybe some beautiful scarves for the committee?  I think I have enough for about three scarves.

I expect to be threading the loom for a week, or maybe two.  Then, I can get to the weaving!

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