Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Milk goes better

I just discovered that milk goes better with oatmeal scotchies cookie dough than red wine. Darn.
That means I have to postpone either eating cookie dough, or drinking wine, and I rather want both, right now.  

I am baking cookies for our first ever Woven Art  retreat this upcoming weekend.  Also, planning the rest of the eats.  Given the mood I am in, I fear we will be low on nutrition and high on gratifying snack-y food. Oh well, how much can one weekend hurt us all? Never mind the dress I must fit into for the following weekend's wedding festivities. 

Today I also purchased some silly board games for our retreat. The porch and living room at Rosewood Pointe resort just begs for game playing and knitting. Perfect!  I needed my own Bananagrams for sure - but did I really need my own Munchkins game?  Or my own Apples to Apples?  I love to play games, and I am pretty competitive. I know at least one other pretty competitive person is going to be there.  All in good fun.

Lastly, in preparation for a weekend focused on knitting, I started a new project ;"Volt" from The Fine Line, in 100% wool by Isager.  I want to get to the point where the markers are doing all the work for me, so I can converse, and drink.  I am considering beginning a new sock as well, for when Volt seems too demanding. I have been working hard for months - a weekend at a lake is just what I need.  Can't wait!

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meg said...

I am so excited too! Now I just have to prevent myself from packing about 11 different projects.

'Cause really? Don't have time for 11 projects.