Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Milk goes better

I just discovered that milk goes better with oatmeal scotchies cookie dough than red wine. Darn.
That means I have to postpone either eating cookie dough, or drinking wine, and I rather want both, right now.  

I am baking cookies for our first ever Woven Art  retreat this upcoming weekend.  Also, planning the rest of the eats.  Given the mood I am in, I fear we will be low on nutrition and high on gratifying snack-y food. Oh well, how much can one weekend hurt us all? Never mind the dress I must fit into for the following weekend's wedding festivities. 

Today I also purchased some silly board games for our retreat. The porch and living room at Rosewood Pointe resort just begs for game playing and knitting. Perfect!  I needed my own Bananagrams for sure - but did I really need my own Munchkins game?  Or my own Apples to Apples?  I love to play games, and I am pretty competitive. I know at least one other pretty competitive person is going to be there.  All in good fun.

Lastly, in preparation for a weekend focused on knitting, I started a new project ;"Volt" from The Fine Line, in 100% wool by Isager.  I want to get to the point where the markers are doing all the work for me, so I can converse, and drink.  I am considering beginning a new sock as well, for when Volt seems too demanding. I have been working hard for months - a weekend at a lake is just what I need.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We have two lucky winners of our Woven Art Shop Hop 2010 prizes.

Tracy Woodhams is the winner of "The Big Fat" scarf kit.  The kit consists of 9 carefully selected balls of premium sock yarns and the book "Crochet in Color".  This is a very easy but dramatic pattern. I completed mine during a week of travel, and even wore it to dinner every night along the way.  Congratulations Tracy! 

Sharon Rett won the Grand Prize drawing of the Surprise Jacket and handbag from Kollage Yarns. The show stopping cardigan is made with Glisten and 1/2 and 1/2 - two fabulous yarns.  Glisten is an alpaca/silk blend with a tiny subtle sparkle.  It is very soft - the nicest sparkle yarn I have ever knit with.  Many thanks to Suzie and Mark at Kollage for this great prize, and congratulations to Sharon!  I know you'll enjoy knitting it, as well as wearing it!

In other news; I have finished my Origami Cardigan from Frog Tree Alpaca sport melange.  Mine is bright blue. Now that the weather has turned colder, you will be seeing it on me at the shop.  This sweater is so cozy and easy to wear, I am pretty sure I'll be saving on utility bills this Winter.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Shop Hop 2010

The Capital Area Shop Hop 2010 was a blast!  We were so busy all four days I barely sat down, and neither did Deidra, Jenn, Meg, Jessy or Luann. My brand new POS system was put to the test - but everybody was very patient and a good sport about it. Kzoo Erica stopped by and later posted this report.
I am sure that everyone wants to know who won our Grand Prize (a beautiful cardigan and purse project from Kollage), and our second prize(a Big Fat Scarf kit including yarn and the book Crochet in Color).

The winners will be announced in my newsletter, and on our Ravelry and Face book page tomorrow. Maybe even here - if I can get myself to write a blog blurb two days in a row! Now that would be news.