Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Frozen goodies for a hot Summer day

Luann and I were hanging around the old ball and skein the other day, when a young woman hefting a freezer box came in and offered us a free frozen yogurt. Free? Why yes, she was introducing the downtown worker bees to Swirlberry Frozen yogurt.  It is good stuff, let me tell you. And, it is right on the corner of Abbot and Albert here in East Lansing.  That is literally right around the corner from me. Next time I need an indulgence, that is where I'm gonna go.

And way to go Sharon! You have a great KIP story ( see previous post). Will no one give Sharon a run for the money? She set the bar high to be sure, but you could at least give it a shot. Share your KIP stories here, the best one ( by June 15) wins a $10 gift certificate to WovenArt!

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tracy_a said...

And check the LSJ for BOGO coupons for swirlberry!