Thursday, May 27, 2010

More KIP stories

Knitting in Public.
I have two to report.  On Sunday, May 16, I knit at Comerica Park, watching the Tigers soundly beat the Red Sox. Our seats were in the second row, on the 3rd baseline.  One ball landed on the field right in front of us and was snagged by the young man directly in front of me. Pretty exciting. They called their parents, each on their own cell phones.  Another foul ball went into the row right behind me, caught by an adorable 10 year old girl.  She was all smiles for the rest of the game. 
I am not super invested in watching games, so I was glad to have my knitting with me.  It was only a problem when I felt like I should duck.  How to put needles, and yarn back into tiny bag (safety of project being my top concern) while avoiding a baseball?  Two very nice ladies a few rows back asked about my knitting, and needed to feel the silk.  KIP is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

When I heard (bop)Harvey would be appearing at the East Lansing Art Festival last weekend, I knew I would be in the audience.  I first saw them at the same festival in 1988. Yes chickens, before you were born, some of you.  I got my knitting out right away, to the astonishment of some people who believed it is impossible to sit still while this band plays.  It IS very hard. I did a bit of chair dancing while knitting.  But, the real way to dance to (bop)Harvey is to hop up and down, and I did a lot of that too. I was grateful to have my knitting waiting for me at my chair when I needed a hopping break.

Tell me your knitting in public stories! The person who sends me the best  story before June 15 gets a $10 Woven Art gift certificate, good toward anything but classes. You have to be willing to share your story in this space to win.


Sharon said...

I like to knit at restaurants during waiting time, especially to help me avoid eating the bread and dessert. One time I put my knitting down to go to the ladies room. I somehow caught my yarn on my shoe and dragged it all the way across the crowded restaurant. Still, it was better than dragging toilet paper on the way out!

tracy_a said...

How about knitting my (now) husband an aran sweater while waiting as a grad student at MSU? A bit was knit at airports going to meetings. The bulk was while waiting for experiments to finish. But waiting in lines at parking/police, admin, and University Stores was a big bonus.