Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pangrams in Fiber

"Change is unavoidable - expect it and skillfully enjoy the squeeze of it's wild embrace"
- Linda Hendrickson

Listening to Weavecast on my daily walk yesterday I was introduced to the concept of "pangrams" which are sentences or phrases that include every letter of the alphabet, such as the one above. Linda Hendrickson weaves these phrases into ribbons, in card or tablet weaving. Want to see this for yourself? Visit Linda's website to see this and other phrases beautifully woven. She even employs different fonts to carry her expressions. Linda is the author of the book "Please Weave a Message". I am trying really hard to contain my interests. I made the mistake of counting up my projects in process right now. At least 8. And how many processes? Four, if you make the categories broad, like "knitting". If I were to break it down, like Fair Isle or lace, I guess I'd have about 8 different processes going on too. I should add the commission I am supposed to be working on.

So I need card weaving like... well, like I need another interest. Imagine my dismay when she began to talk about "Split Ply Braiding".
From Linda's Website: "Ply-split braiding comes to us from the desert between India and Pakistan, where men spin goat hair, ply the yarn into sturdy cords, and ply-split the cords into girths and necklaces for their camels. They also create several types of ply-split bags and holders which are hung up to keep pots and bowls out of the reach of children and animals."

It is just too much. Go, see for yourself. If you want to explore these techniques or idea, I bet you could talk me into exploring with you. Would that be enabling?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sign of Spring

Saw a game of Beer Pong on my walk this morning - at 9:30.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!