Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Valentine treat for you is this picture of a Valentine Cactus! Prickly but cute!

I took the picture while hiking in the Saguaro National Park with Kristin and Gary, while on vacation in the Southwest last week. Tucson was getting a lot of rain, while we were there, and just before. This lead to a very unusual site: a river in the desert:
The colors were most amazing!

Naturally I took a trip project with me; The Big Fat Scarf from Crochet in Color.
I made the first stripe on the plane to Tucson.
The second stripe in between visits to the Gem Show.
I made the third stripe on the way to Tombstone (crazy town- everybody dresses up like cowboys or bar maids, and gets paid to have fake gun fights on the hour).
I started the fourth stripe before breakfast at the Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, where legend claims Pocho Villa rode his horse up the marble stair case in the lobby. Really the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen.
I made the fifth and sixth stripes on the way to Santa Fe. We did a lot of walking and looked at a lot of art. And ate a lot of really great food.
The seventh, was created on the way to and from Taos. While in Taos I got to finally, finally see, in person, La Lana Wools and Weaving Southwest. My trip was now complete.
But, my big fat scarf wasn't. So, I worked on the eighth and ninth stripes all the way home.
I think it is gorgeous. The colors will always remind me of my Southwest road trip. The yarns are Merisock, Madeline Tosh sock, and Woven Art's hand dyed treadsoft. I hope to have it in the shop later on this week for you to see.

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Kristy said...

The journey home is just as much part of the trip as the journey there! What a neat record of your trip.