Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We had a full weekend of workshops at WovenArt! Andrea Wong was here on Saturday, to teach us the ins and outs (over and arounds?) of Portuguese style knitting. I personally really enjoyed learning a new way to knit. This is the easiest and fastest way to purl, for sure. While I am not sure that "fast" is an ideal goal for all knitters, it sure will be great for me. Because of the shop, I am constantly knitting shop models, class samples, and, natch, presents! So, for me, fast is good. For others, learning a new way to knit might be beneficial as a way to prevent knitting fatigue, or a way to tease the brain a bit. I love brain work! There are all kinds of studies that prove that new challenges are good for your brain.
This is Andrea, showing two students how to get the correct angle. See the pin? Well, see the yarn, tensioned from the shoulder? It is around a pin.
Here is the pin! A nice view of the knitting pin on Jennifer. What a pretty smile! Thanks for posing, Jennifer!

On Sunday, I taught a full day workshop on Rigid Heddle weaving with two heddles. It took the morning to set up the looms, and the afternoon was devoted playing around with different color and weave variations. I was teaching, and didn't have a chance to take pictures, but if you pop over to Carol's Blog, you can find out more.

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