Saturday, September 5, 2009

Up North Table Runner

I would like to share with you a project I recently completed on a 15" Flip rigid heddle loom. We have a condo in northern Michigan on Crooked Lake. We are trying to sell the condo. I had this idea that the dining room table needed a little dressing up - to impress prospective buyers. The look I wanted was to have an up-north, rustic feel, with out being too Summery.

I decided on the stripe sequence, and hem stitching instead of a knotted fringe:

Notice in the picture above how open the weave is. Pictured below is the same thing, after washing. It closed up and softened up. Before washing the texture was like a very stiff, thick canvas. After washing it had the perfect floppiness for table runner. Certainly not flimsy - but not the least bit stiff either.

Finally, above is a picture of how it looks on our table. The runner distracts very well from the gouges, crayon marks, and other tragedies of the table's long membership in our clan.

Here are my notes:

Up North Table Runner
Warp and weft yarns: Euroflax light worsted from Louet
Planned Finished length: 96”
Planned Finished Width: 13”

Width in Reed 14.5”
length of warp: 110”

8 e.p.i

total warp ends: 112

Warp color order: (12N 2B2T2b2T2B) repeat four times, end with 12 N
N= Navy
B - brown
T= Tan
b= light blue

Weave an inch or two in plain weave, secure ends with an overhand hem stitch. Continue weaving to the end. End with hemstitching.

Notes: Lost tension while moving loom around. Plus, found it very hard to create an even tension with linen on a rigid heddle loom. Hole threads always tight, slot threads always loose. Still managed to weave through - and the finished product looks mostly even - a little bit of a problem on the edges - where the threads were much looser.

Cut off. Wash in washing machine on hot, dry in dryer. Hold breath. Remove from dryer, and admire lovely "hand". Trim fringe to length.

Finished dimensions:
Before washing 12.5” x 100”
After washing 11.25” x 83” not including fringe

This turned out to be narrower and shorter than I had planned - but I still think it looks right on the table.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Charity Knitting Contest

The Spartans team of Woven Art in East Lansing hereby challenge the Wolverine team of Knit A-round in Ann Arbor to a charity knitting contest. As everybody knows, this year has been a tough one for many families in Michigan. It has been especially hard on the families of auto workers in Genessee county. Let's pull together and warm up our fellow Michiganians with hats, scarves and mittens! The kick off of the knit off is NOW! We'll knit and crochet and weave until the end of the U of M vs Spartan football game. The winner takes the honors - but the real winners will be Michigan Families!