Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why today is insane

Woven Art has been evacuated for this afternoon and evening because of a gas leak. BWL was doing some sort of routine maintenance on the gas line. they told us about it in advance, and there seemed to be no reason for alarm.  

I was in my office, doing major battle with my new operating system on my computer ( it ate my accounting files), when Meg, my co-worker, looking very concerned, opens the back door.  The gas smells from the front of the store were getting pretty intense. Next thing I know, she was tell me we had to leave the building.  The reading in the basement was pretty high. 

Anyway - please don't come visit Woven Art today. I am sure all will be back to our normal level of yarny lovliness by tomorrow. 

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Ragnar said...

Crazy. My car, or rather the car I was borrowing stalled in the middle of Grand River, and a nice young man pushed me off on to Abbot. I was going to come to the store to wait for the tow truck, but the car started again after sitting for 10 minutes...