Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TNNA Highlights

My five days at The National Needlework Association conference and trade show were a total blur of classes, vendors, meetings, greetings, and excellent food and beverage. I took a class with Sally Melville called "First Choices" on how to make sweaters that are flattering.  Most of the information is in her new book "Mother Daughter Knits". After seeing the real garments, in person, I ran right out and got several copies. I must, must knit the white blouse.  And never drink red wine in it. 

I also took a class from Cat Bordhi.  It was a free form moebius knitting class.  I have knit several of these clever items before. I have taught the class several times as well, and I have even found a favorite cast on, that is a little different from hers. Still, I found the class to be very liberating, and I learned many new tricks. She is great, great, great. Do not pass up an opportunity to take a class from Cat. 

I taught a class in Rigid Heddle weaving - essentially the same class I offer frequently at Woven Art. I had 8 students. They all completed a scarf in under 6 hours.  I even saw a couple of handwoven scarves on the show floor the next day. 

I met Liz Gipson, author of "Weaving made Easy", a great new book for Rigid Heddle weaving. I had sent her a vest that I had designed for the Cricket loom.  

There is much more to tell, but I will save that for a saner day

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