Saturday, June 6, 2009

Souvenirs from Tucson

Souvenir: a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place or event. 

I recently spent four days hanging out with my middle daughter and her friends in her town of Tucson.  As a mom, I needed to see her in her place.  I found her deeply embedded in a community of like minded, hard working, healthy organic farmers, and bike mechanics.  She indulged me by taking me to every yarn store in Tucson.  Grandma's Spinning Wheel is closed on Mondays (WHAT?),  but we picked up a couple of drop-spindles and some fiber at the delightful Kiwi Knitting near the U of A campus.  At a pot-luck at the Farm later that day, I pulled out the spindles and the fiber, and let 'em at it.  Several people gave it a try, and one or two went off into "spindle-space", where they couldn't hear us trying to bring them back to earth.  They made beautiful yarn together.  

Wanting to bring a bit of the Tucson experience back home with me, I visited my own local farm market this morning.  I found a hanging plant, some cilantro, some berries that I will put on my Torte di Limone  that will be tonight's dessert.  The torte was our contribution to the pot luck, and the recipe can be found at  Italian Food Forever. 


Anonymous said...


My daughter lived in E. Lansing, got her PhD at Michigan State and is now living in Tucson. She is a professor at University of Arizona. I know what you mean about wanting to see where your child lives. Tami has benn in Tucson almost a year and we have not been to see her. She has made many trips back to Georgi to visit. She and her husband do not like Tucson. It is too hot for them.

Ava said...

"spindle space." what a perfect description. time for me to go there. I haven't spun or knit for weeks now.

that for the site! there's a wonderful looking recipe for zucchini salad.