Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sock Yarn!


Vanessa said...

Hi Nancy!

What beautiful yarn! I'm one of Martha Brownscombe's students over at MSU. She recommended that I talk to you and see if you were interested in selling some of my pieces on consignment in your store.

I've been there before, it's a great place with great selection. I do not believe you were there the day I went though, but I thought I would at least ask if you would be interested, and if you were I could come down on a day when you're there and bring some of my piece to show you.

I do unique scarves and neckwarmers, some with yarn that I handspun on my drop spindle. I currently have a few pieces up in my Etsy shop ( that you can look at, and I have a bunch more that I have pictures of but are not online and I'm also working on a few more pieces with cotton and bamboo yarn. Also, my blog is at and you can contact me at

I'm sorry, that was a lot to read, but I look forward to hearing from you!

Vanessa Putt

bea said...

I have tried to knit the endless tibetan knot but my tree year expirience will not allow that, I´ve seen your swaches and think it may be a dare to you. I live in mexico city and would be happy to have the how to this knot,¿do you think you are up to it? Thanks