Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mama's Proud

Look at Liz! Liz started taking classes at Woven Art as a freshman. She graduated recently, but luckily is still in the area on a teaching internship. But look what she made! It is double weave, with a purple (purple!) silk warp and weft, with strategically placed strands of Glisten, a ribbon yarn with tiny spots of glitter, from Louisa Harding. But, as if that didn't make it beautiful enough, she went and made little pockets, and inserted sequins. Can you see them:

The original plan was to make fabric for pillows for her couch. And that may still happen, but I think the Woven Art tribunal convinced her it needs to be worn for a Summer first.

Look who else is weaving! Sharon, for one (though she's not blogging about it yet), and Wendy!
Makes me want to weep with joy.

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