Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jane Patrick Workshop

We had the great pleasure of hosting Jane Patrick for a workshop on 2 heddle weaving this past Sunday.  We learned how to use two heddles in a rigid heddle loom to increase the numbers of warp ends we can have in an inch - allowing for a finer cloth.  We used 10/2 cotton sett at 20 ends per inch, in two ten dent reeds.  Since the looms were warped with a pattern of two light colored warp threads followed by two dark colored warp threads we also were able to explore color and weave patterns.  We played around with two heddle patterning.  We added in the fun of pick up sticks.  And just when our brains were full to bursting, we tried double weave.  That's two layers of cloth, woven at the same time.  Double weave can be two separate layers, or linked on one or both sides, making tubes. 

Monday afternoon - I needed a nap. 
Below are some pictures:

Jane Patrick on the left, showing Barb a cool trick. Barb is standing, and Michelle (in pink) is concentrating.
A room full of weavers!  See the beautiful art quilts on the walls? They were made by Marilyn Prucka, who is the weaver closest to the front of the picture.  It was so wonderful to have this art work on the walls  during this workshop - they bring such a sense of calm. 
Stan and Lyn Marie, weaving away. Stan is a woodworker, and brought in several lovely stick shuttles. I only got to see them for a minute before they were all claimed. 
This Pink warp belongs to Beth Smith.  She likes pink! Isn't it pretty?
And finally, here is Beth, on the left, next to Pam.


Ava said...

wonderful quilts. would like to have seen those.

Elabeth said...

I'm totally jealous of all your classroom space there :)