Thursday, March 12, 2009

A dropped stitch

A new customer came in yesterday. She wanted to buy some double point needles for a sock she started a very long time ago. She was new to knitting way back then, knit half a sock, and put it away for various reasons. But, now she's back. She showed me her sock, which had four needles in it. She thought she needed to have 5 to proceed. I took hold of her sock to demonstrate that you only need four needles to knit a sock (the 5th one is extra), and saw that three needles were right where they should have been, holding an equal number of stitches around, and the 4th was stuck into the body of the sock. I was about to yank out fourth needle when I noticed it was holding a dropped stitch. A Dropped Stitch!!! I got as excited as a dog on a walk. I love dropped stitches! In other peoples work, not mine. I went into my "fixing the dropped stitch zone", and within a few minutes, my fun was done.

If you need a dropped stitch fixed - bring it on! Just don't try to talk to me while I am in my zone.


handknitter said...

Ooh! I seem to remember seeing you freak out at the sight of a dropped stitch. You've come a long way, baby!

Barb said...

The most exciting thing I ever learned in knitting was how to fix a dropped stitch in cable work.
Thanks for an awsome experience at the workshop.