Wednesday, March 25, 2009

College Town Living has it's perks

Last Friday, Julie Baker, a reporter from the State News interviewed me at the shop for a Faces and Places article in the State News. (Click on headline above: College Town) On Tuesday, she came back for some follow up questions, and brought along Jason, a photographer. I love the article the two of them put together. I think Julie really captured the feel of what I want Woven Art to be, and Jason did a great job with the pictures. He was pretty intrigued with the notion that some of the yarn we have is locally spun, so he came to the Flock University Spinning Guild meeting that happened to be last night. Not only did he come, ask some questions of our fiber folk, but then, get this - he learned how to spin. He left with a decent bit of real yarn wrapped around his wrist.

Plus - last night we learned all about how to spin flax. Thanks you Angie! I had never spun flax before - just a few turns of hemp - but it is really not the same. I love it's stiffness, and body. I don't love that the best results are from putting water on it. And, supposedly from spinning it counter clock wise. I tried both directions. I got a smoother spin going clockwise, but the resulting little skein fell instantly into a figure 8 twist. The second tiny skein was spun counterclockwise, and fell into a perfect little circle - but oddly, not quite as smooth a yarn. I need to investigate further. I'm going to need some plastic bobbins.


Ava said...

What a great article! and what a surprise to see Barb's photo acccompanying it. I've been intending to drop her a note.

Do you ever take a day off?

Nancy McRay said...

Day off? Not really. What fun would that be?