Monday, February 23, 2009

I finished my Christmas Knitting!

Ummmm, well, yes, I mean for 2008. In truth, I stuffed two skeins of ultramerino sock yarn from Artyarns in hubby's Christmas stocking. I was desperate for one more present for him. There's nothing quite as sad as a Christmas sock with one tube of mentos in it.

I have been working on them ever since, in between other projects. They represent an act of true love. As many, many of you know, knitting socks is a testament of affection. Despite their small size, they contain lots of stitches, and hours of contemplation. And, I might add, in this case, hours of focusing on really dreadful colors. I have nothing against The University of Michigan. Ann Arbor is my home town. I studied at the knee of Sherri Smith, fiber artist, in the U of M Department of Art. But, these colors are intense. In fact, if you stare at them long enough, and then look at a white wall, you will see green and white.

He loves them.


Carrie said...

Oh golly gee, Nancy. Wherever did you get such colors, I wonder? Be truthful now, the knitting police may be lurking.

Nancy McRay said...

Why - Art Yarns of course! Also have some green/white and (are you sitting down?) Scarlet/gray combos.

One thing I love about this yarn - there are tiny green flecks in between the maize and the blue!

Go Green.

Are we starting our rivalry already?