Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Knee sock to the rescue!

These socks are life savers. They distracted me during the college graduation ceremony of the youngest one. Oh, that pomp and circumstance did get to me, but by focusing on my sock, I was able to keep from wailing "my baby"! over and over. Then a few days later, my car died at a gas station. Well, I thought that was a pretty lucky place to break down. I went inside and asked for a jump. Nope - couldn't do it. The nice young man was as nice as he could be while saying he couldn't leave the store at all. And they don't have jumper cables. Would I like to buy a hookah? (yes - this gas station sells hookahs, but not jumper cables. Love the college town atmosphere!)

Good thing my sock was there to help me maintain my patience and good manners while I waited for the dealership to come get my very dead car. Knit from a Conjoined Creations sock flat, the knee sock is on top (Making Strides - free download on Ravelry), of the twin of the flat it was knit from. Lots more colors of Flat Feet at Woven Art.

In other news, a few weavers finished projects this past week. On the left is Joann with her first ever rigid heddle project. Her shawl is made from hand dyed Nassau silk/cotton, and Starburst from Fiesta yarns. This picture doesn't begin to show how pretty it is. The shine from the rayon makes it really dressy. Did I mention first project? Joann - you rock! On the right is Kerry with a complex 8 harness patterned twill scarf. She choose a silk weft in an identical color to the wool warp. Both yarns are Woven Art hand dyed. The effect is very subtle, but very beautiful.

Barb made a cushy afghan from hand dyed kona and hand dyed panda wool. The kona was a variegated brown, black and deep red. The panda wool was a silver and brown combination. The weft was a dark brown yarn. The result was a luxurious warm, cozy and beautiful blanket. Moments after taking it off the loom whe wisked it off to be wrapped.

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