Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And I didn't even get to the knitting...

The present for my pirate is coming along. I have a skein of lace weight (well mostly lace weight) yarn. I am very happy with how the colors blended, and with the effect of the added ply of stainless steel. I have decided to weave this. Yesterday I dyed some 20/2 silk a light variegated purple for the warp. I also have a dark purple cashmere and silk blend from Jojoland. I plan to choose a complex 8 harness twill weave. I am going to look for one that has a textural quality more than a pattern with a strong repeat. What I visualize right now is that the handspun yarn will be at each end, for as long as it will go, and the dark purple cashmere will be in the middle, where the scarf will wrap around her neck. As super cool as the stainless is in the yarn, I am a little bit worried that it might be picky. Like pin-pricky picky.

I love having a plan.

Today, I will take the kitchen curtains off the loom, and be ready to warp as soon as the silk is dry.

Recently I came upon a couple of fun resources for you. Knitters might enjoy a trip over to Vogue Knitting. Check out VK360. You can see all of the Holiday issue projects moving around on people! It gives you a much better sense of how it will look and wear on a semi real person. You know what I mean. I entertained myself for an hour just looking at these video clips - with my reaction ranging from " oh I want that" to "never mind after all". Isn't it so much better to find that out ahead of time?

The other fun resource is for weavers. Go to Weavezine. It is full of technical advice, and lots of cool projects. I get so excited when I see weaving getting out there into the wide world. I do believe a weaving resurgence is upon us.

This afternoon I am playing with my rigid heddle loom. My study course for this year is to find out how much I can do with one of these very simple, portable looms. The short answer so far is: way more than I would have thought. I will post some pictures soon.

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