Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Green Pretzel

Woven Art got in an Addi Express knitting machine last week. It is a great way to make big pieces of knitting for felting! I made a Christmas promise to knit, and felt, snakes for a long window in chilly Chicago. Much as I love knitting, it seemed like a lot. The answer? Addi Express!

The short brown one, above, is 100 turns on the machine, and it felted down to about 12" long. The big green pretzel was 400 turns on the machine. I kind of thought that would give me a four foot long snake. Nope. The snake is more like 6 feet long, and a bit thinner. Actually, perfect for my purposes. The knitting took about 90 minutes, then there was the felting in the machine, and the stuffing. Total project time - a little more than 2 hours.

I'll make a few more, in different combinations of the same colors. I hope my Chicago kids are not reading this. But if you are - are the colors OK?

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