Thursday, October 2, 2008

Toss me some needles...I am drowning in yarn!

Woven Art is having a growth spurt.  Lots of new yarns are coming in.  This makes me happy - as I am in love with yarn of any stripe, twist or fiber. However,  yarn, books and needles come with tons of paper work, inventory management, organizational problems, (where, oh where, do I put it all?), etc.  And all I want to do is play with it.  On one level I can justify my "play" by making "shop models". These are items that are already made up to give the customers ideas, and to help them know better how a yarn behaves.  

Above is a picture of 3 swatches of Jojoland Rhythm.  A worsted weight yarn, long and subtle color gradation.  These three swatches are from one ball.  Left to right: crocheted, felted and knit in stockinette. 
And this blue-purple shawl above is 1/2 of a Lady Eleanor. The pattern for Lady Eleanor can be found in "Scarf Style", and is done in a knitting technique called entrelac.  I will finish it, but I can share along the way - right? It is knit with two colors of Feista La Boheme. The whole shawl will take a total of 6 skeins.  And it will be, let's say, generously sized.  
And this is my "Swirl" shawl. Made from Jojoland's Melody, a superwash fingering weight yarn, in color 14.  The shawl is completed with 5 rows of hexagons - here I have almost two done.  It is not yet blocked. 

I know what some of you are thinking - she is only working on two projects! Not true! There is also a Habu paper/silk coat on the needles, cafe curtains on my large loom, a tofutsie scarf on my rigid heddle loom, and bright blue fiber on my wheel. 

Time to go make stuff!

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