Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A present for My Pirate

I am still pretty new at this spinning game.  Not in years or months mind you - just in the amount of time I have been able to spin.  I am happy to know many people who spin frequently, and are very good at it. They inspire me. Sometimes they  inspire me to do crazy things. Below is yarn I am making for my traveling pirate.  The plan is to  ply the turquoise together with the the orange, and the micro stainless steel. I am hoping for yarn that is about lace weight. 

Sorry for the blurry picture, but the picture below at least shows haw the colors are working together.  The micro steel is super fine - like thin hair. Seriously - the hair off  my head is thicker. You can barely see it - but I am hoping it will give the yarn a bit of a glint. 
Below is the work of  another inspiring person who is often at the shop. 
This is white linen, and silver being warped onto her loom.  
And this is Jill. Jill made me buy the micro steel for this project. So I guess I can blame her. 

And this is one small box of four that we took to the Black Child and Family Institute yesterday.  Woven Art and Rae's Yarn boutique were involved in a charity knit-off against Knit A Round and Flying Sheep in Ann Arbor. We had until the end of the Michigan/Michigan State game this past weekend.  We won with 307 hats, mittens and scarves to give to our community!  The Ann Arbor shops had an excellent showing with over 238 items.  All in all, a fun way to get hats and scarves to people who will need them this Winter. 

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