Thursday, October 23, 2008

My lucky day

Just before heading into work the other day, a DHL truck pulled into my driveway and handed me a package from Mexico!! It is from my traveling pirate, who knows I love textiles. It contained a book on Mexican weavings. The cover said "Bilingual". There may be two languages in that book -but neither one is English.  The pictures are all I care about anyway. They are wonderful.  Also in the box were some actual Mexican textiles.  Yippee!

This is a detail from a tapestry made from bits of colored Roving.  I very carefully pulled back on the tufts of wool to make sure it isn't painted onto something prewoven.  I am impressed by the vibrant colors, and the detail the weaver got with roving! 
Above is the whole image.
Here is a small embroidered bag - so cute! Just the right size for a home for my I-pod. Thanks sweetie - I love them all. 

So, that was a very nice way to start my day!  Imagine my surprise later  at the shop,  the MailMan handed me a package with this in it:
This little weaving is from Maureen Mason Jamieson, who had visited us a couple of weeks ago for some splendid workshops.  Thank you  Maureen!!

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