Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last weekend we hosted Maureen Mason Jamieson for a weekend of knitting workshops. 
In collar obedience training, I learned how to give a nice roll to my collar, just where I want it, and how to do a double pick up, to enclose the seam at the back of the neck.  This will be valuable when knitting for anyone easily annoyed by "things" inside their clothing. This includes everyone I am currently related to.  

In the Shadow knitting class I made a darling little pouch that has been sent off to my favorite finisher 
so that it can become a place for my ipod.  This will help me not lose my ipod.  I can't believe how much these workshops have saved me! 

The third class was a Japanese Knitting class.  This one made my head explode, and I know I was not alone.  I can't wait to apply the Japanese three needle bind off on a sweater, and the short rows!  Yes, my "gotta do that' list grew and grew.  As a follow up to that I ordered several more Japanese knitting books, but this time they are more centered on techniques, and stitch dictionaries.  They should be here  by the end of this week. 

On the finishing front - still working on a swirl shawl, a Lady Eleanor, a linen paper and silk coat.  I did take a pretty tofutsie scarf off the loom yesterday.  I want to finish the ends, and wash it before I photograph it.  I did it on a rigid heddle loom, but added a lace texture by using a pick up stick behind the heddle.  Next on the Rigid heddle loom: I want to make doors for my office. 

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