Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to Life

I am a bad blogger.  

My excuse is the same one everyone else uses - time.  In truth, it doesn't take long.  And now I am faced with either not documenting a half dozen projects that I did over the Summer, or posting a reaaaaly long post.  

I'll just talk a little bit about my current projects.  

1) I am making the Jojoland  Swirl Shawl out of Melody.  No pictures yet. I'd promise pictures - but, right now it would sound kind of hollow now wouldn't it?
    This yarn is new to my store, I brought it in on the recommendation of  some knowledgeable fiberistas.  The yarn is a sock weight wool, with a very long, subtle gradation.  Still, it goes gracefully from green to red, and back again in just 50 grams. The pattern is a series of small lace hexagons, and you  pick up and knit one to the next.  I have 15 done now - and am just about to turn the corner.  

2) Lady Eleanor- published in  Scarf Style and designed by  Kathleen Power Johnson.  I am making it in Feista La Boheme. Two colors - a solid periwinkle (light blue violet), and a purple family varigation with a touch of light green.  The yarn is a mohair combined with a shiny rayon slub. I am knitting on 10.5 needles.  It is moving along pretty quickly - it is now about 50" long, and I am still in the second set of skeins.  Originaly I thought this would be an 8 skein project, but now I know it will be done in six, maybe just four.  I'd like to promise to post about that later - but, well, you know. 

3) A paper and silk coat, designed by Setsuko Torri, and provided in kit form by Habu Textiles.  I really want to wear this coat.  I love the texture.  And the design is going to be great for this Fall - I am seeing sweater coats everywhere.  I made very good progress over the Summer, only to discover, when I read the pattern more closely, that it is to be knit in stockingette - not garter. Months of garter.  Miles of garter - to produce a very oddly shaped little 'coat". 
I like it much better now.  It is my project for when there is other stuff going on in the room.  It should be done in no time.  I'll post it when ... nah. 

4) Curtains for my kitchen windows.  Black linen warp, blue 
linen weft for tabby, and variegated  turquoise, blue and green for the pattern weft. The weave structure is a diamond shaped crackle weave. I took a picture of it - but it is blurry.  

5) A "something' for my middle daughter, who is traveling through South America for the next few months. She is often on my mind - so I wanted to design a project that will give me a way to focus my thoughts about her.  I am spinning a very bright, lace or fingering weight yarn.  You can see it on the spinning wheel above.  My "plan", which is evolving with each step, is to ply it with a bright turquoise, blue and purple strand.  Then, perhaps knit a  lace scarf.  I intended to do a 3 ply yarn.  But then, today I listened to an interview on WeaveCast with Judith McKenzie McKune.  Her talk was about spinning for weaving.  For those of you who are interested, it is a recent  issue. Grkgrl, - do not listen to this podcast.  Get someone else to tell you about it.  There is lots of good information about spinning for knitting in it too - but mostly it'll just make you want to weave.  Anyway- Judith said that for Knitting, you usually want a three ply yarn, unless you are making lace.  A two ply yarn will pull away from the center of the stitch, and a three ply yarn will roll into it, creating a smoother fabric.  I found that tidbit fascinating. In fact, I listened to the whole interview twice, back to back while I was dying yarn today.

Which brings me to: dyeing yarn today!  It has been way too long since I have been in the dye studio.  My finger nails are purple now, and my arms are tired from lifting pots. I smell a little like washing soda, and I couldn't be happier. 

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