Wednesday, August 20, 2008


See this hat?  I made the yarn!  A previous post shows Victoria posing by the lake with the roving that became the yarn that became the hat.  I made a yarn that striped!! I am so excited.  I chose a roving that was extra bright, and plyed it with an even brighter yellow.  That's the top.  The next stripe is the roving plyed on itself, and the bottom is plyed with purple.  It was too much fun to knit with, causing me to become more addicted to spinning.  Be warned - those of you who have so far resisted the wheel. 

You can imagine how sad I was when I plopped the hat on the head of the intended daughter, and saw that it was too big. Way too big.  Couldn't see her pretty eyes. Couldn't see her perky nose. So, in a snit - I tossed it into the washing machine and dryer.  Yes, my too cool for me hand spun yarn.  I said I was in a snit?  So, it felted - but it did not shrink. Argh!  I was able, with the superhuman strength that comes with most good snits, to rip the hat back and reknit it.  While wet.  But now, it fits, it is cute, and in retrospect, worth all the trouble.  

Back to the spinning wheel.

Monday, August 18, 2008


My First Wonderful Wallaby:

Made with Feista Yarns Boomerang, a machine washable wool with an amazing hand, and beautiful colors.

It would look better on an actual 3 year old.  I don't have any three year olds in mind - I just wanted to make one, so that I can say I did.  Loads of people come into the shop with Wallaby questions.  It was fun to make.  The construction is very clever. I want to make a bigger one for myself out of Monte Cristo - a super soft cotton. 

More finished projects, and more new projects coming soon!