Friday, July 4, 2008

Arts and Crafts at Camp McRay

I took a class at the Crooked Tree Arts Council on Japanese Woodblock printing with Mary Brodbeck.  I think I did this type of printing 15 years ago in college - so I am way out of practice. I am thrilled that I was able to carve a shape, and using two colors, register the print. I even got a tiny bit of depth to the image - something I initially wasn't even going to try for.  I don't know how much of this I'll do in the future, though I hope I do again before another 15 years pass.  I consider this to be cross training.  I had a moment of that "homecoming" feeling when I first walked into the large sunny studio with the huge work table in the middle.  Anyway, below is the result. I made 8 prints, and gave one to Mary.

I have found lots of time to spin!  This little skein here is Karaoke fiber, dyed in a very bright, primary colorway, plied with purple.  Next up - plying the same karaoke with acid bright yellow. Find your sunglasses before my next post!

Unfortunately I have tendonitus running across the top of my right foot. This is not caused by spinning! No!  Doc advised no more spinning until foot heels, and no more long walks either.  Good news is - I can spin with my left foot. Now I just have to figure out how far I can hop!
And this above is my bag. On a puzzle. We have a boatload of girls,  ahem, young women with us.  They love to do puzzles, so every surface that is not covered in yarn or fiber, is covered in puzzles.  Can you guess the puzzle?  Can you see how this will be a bag? 

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