Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation plans

My two week vacation starts today.  Yesterday was mostly packing, driving, unpacking, and heading into town for provisions. So today begins the process of concentrated relaxation. 
On my vacation I plan to:
1) Read

2) Make a Bag. pattern pending

3. Play Colorku!  Like soduko, but with colored marbles!

4. Play with Vicky 
5. Take a class.

6. Blog, with pictures, to document  how reality matches up with plans.  Does it ever? 


Lorajean said...

Do you still dye Texas Bighorn yarn with plant dyes? I saw while ago in a blog post that you had some. I'm working on a log cabin-ish blanket using yarn I plant dyed but I'm running out. The finished size needs to be 40x40 for Afghans for Afghans to accept it as a donation. If you know of any body else that might have left overs please forward them to me! Thanks

Nancy McRay said...

I do still dye Texas Bighorn, but I don't use plant dyes - I use low impact dyes. If you send me a sample, I can come close!

handknitter said...

What colorful photos!

Have a wonderful and relaxing vacation. See you when you get back!

Ava said...

Where are you going? Is that Lake Michigan?

Nancy McRay said...

That is Crooked Lake - a small lake near Petoskey.

Ava said...

where is Petoskey?

Nancy McRay said...

Petoskey is near the northwest corner of the lower pennisula, north of Traverse City, which I would describe as being at the tip of the little finger.