Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TNNA hangover

I slept in this morning, recovering from the boondoggle that is TNNA. In a good way. Too much fun, too many ideas, too much yarn to choose from. Ti many martoonis. But seriously, after 5 years of shopownership I am much more confident about my yarn choices. I know my customers better, and feel I found a good mix of yarns that offer quality, value, and fashion.

The classes I took are what left me reeling with too many ideas. I could spend all my time taking advantage of what I learned in Web 2.0. The Planning special events class also gave me more ideas than I have time to do. I also attended "Easy Being Green". I have been interested in environmental issues for a very long time. My MFA thesis was based on extensive research I had done on the Great Lakes environment. So, I am intrigued by the organic yarns, and the yarns that are more environmentally friendly. This class gave me some language and questions to be asking to discern between companies that are employing marketing smoke and mirrors, from companies that have truly beneficial practices. One aspect of the discussion centered on "carbon footprint". How many times has that yarn been around the globe to get to you? This supports my desire to buy locally when possible, which is a good thing on many levels.

But now for knitting fun. Here is the Sweetheart top from Lana knits in All Hemp 6. It is pictured on littlest sweetheart, but was knit for middle sweetheart's birthday. I think it will fit her perfectly.

And now that I have put it on my blog, I can mail it to her. Hey - girl - once you get it, how about posting a picture of it on you, on your blog?


Ava said...

Did you get any red stainless steel?!!?

Nancy McRay said...

I didn't see it - or I would have! I also have just heard that there is a micro stainless steel available - I guess it is just the steel without the wool or silk on top.

I did buy a brand new kit (two of the same sweater. One for me of course!), and some new yarns. All the colors, yes please. let me know what you want - I will get it for you!

Kelly Darke said...

what a beautiful sweater - also, it sounds like you have a lot of fun at your store and I wish I lived a closer (I'm next to Livonia) to attend your events like spinning class - that's something I would like to try. Have you seen work by Lexi Boeger? very interesting yarn:

have a great day :)