Sunday, June 1, 2008


A brand new month! And that means, a brand new stitch challenge. Here is the stitch challenge for June 2008, designed by Angie Tzsoumakis.  

I should explain the stitch challenge for those of you just joining us. Every month Woven Art offers a new pattern block.  So far it has been primarily lace, and lace cables.  It is kind of like doing a small knitting puzzle.  For $1 you get the pattern, and a ball of Montana (100% merino wool), just big enough to complete the square.  You may keep these as a great dictionary of stitches that you have done, or stitch them together into a blanket or wrap. Past patterns are available for $2 each. 

To encourage people to finish their stitch challenges, I have offered a reward. If you show me your completed stitch challenge before the end of the next month, you will get a 10 spot marked on your loyalty discount card.  

And, to make it more interesting, we are sponsoring a design contest.  Using a stitch pattern from any of the stitch challenges (17 so far!), design a garment, or blanket, or a whatever knitted thing.  You may use any yarn, any scale.  Entries will get points for creativity, and for design integrity.  Deadline is August 31, judges will be Jessy Henderson, and Nancy McRay. The prize is one 8 ounce skein of Montana, dyed to your specifications. 

Remember what I was about to put on my loom in the last post?  Here is a close up of it in progress.  The color isn't doing what I had predicted or planned for, not at all.  I envisioned the purple pooling on one side, and the green pooling on the other side.  So, deep breath.  I think this is OK.  And with the complexity of the lace pattern, maybe even a better, more cohesive color distribution.  The warp is a rustic silk, and the weft is a slubby, but soft cotton. This should be very dreamy on a cool Summer evening.  Now I just need to find time to weave it!

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