Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"M" is for...

May - almost got by with no blog entries
Mother's Day in
Memorial Day Marathon (not me, silly - I spectate)
Mayhem, beginning Friday with a 20% off sale at my shop.
That's 20% off the marked price on all yarn, books, needles and patterns. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 5/30 to 6/1



The Sweetheart Top from Lana Knits, in allhemp6. A birthday present for my Tucson daughter. She turned 25 last Friday. The construction of this sweater is very clever. Above you see the back. It is knit side to side, with short row shaping. The front is knit in very similar fashion, with some changes to the shaping. I am almost to the second underarm gusset - so I may finish it before she is 25 and a month.

And this, on the loom will be a swedish lace shawl in decidedly untraditional colors.

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Ava said...

Lovely sweater! I have some Hempathy, maybe I'll make one too.