Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weaving, and a contest

I would like to share with you some of my latest explorations into loom controlled shibori, and on the same warp, collapse weave. I used the Monk's Belt threading , #455 from A Weaver's Book of 8 Shaft Patterns. The picture above shows the supplemental wefts going vertically. Sorry! I used 4 shots of plain weave, and then a pattern weft, in nice, stiff, carpet warp. These were pulled tight before dying:
Below is the same threading, same 12/2 cotton warp:
The weft is Diacosta from Diaketo yarns. The color changes all by itself! It is currently about 70 inches long and 12 inches wide. I plan to crochet an edging all the way around to sexy it up a bit. You'll see!
And finally, here is my high twist crepe yarn scarf. Same warp, same monks belt threading. In this case I used 12/2 Tsumugi from Habu for the plain weave, and high twist wool crepe (also Habu) for the pattern weft. It was REALLY boring, until I gave it a hot bath, which released all the twist, pulling it into these pleats. Then, I picked up and knit along the ends to create a ribbed ending, using the silk coupled with a strand of silk/stainless steel. I can think of several more ways I could have done this. So, now I have to do some more.

On top of that, I am sorely tempted by the "Think Outside The Sox" contest promoted by XRX, and several yarn companies. Woven Art is a designated "Sox Hot Spot", which means I just got in a ton of sock yarn. It also means that I got in several bags of Tofutsies Collector Pack. This includes a cute purple bag, 4 skeins of tofutsies in collector colors, and a DVD with 10 patterns. All for $64.

Anyway - the contest! There are several categories to choose from. My two favorites are "Get Hosed" making Kilt socks, and a dye-your own contest. Alas, as a shop owner, I would have to enter the professional category. That means stiff competition. My socks would have to be extraordinary, and out of this world. I'll think about it. I just never know when an idea worth doing is going to hit.

By the way - there is some serious prize money. I have application forms - stop in and get one!

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candace said...

love, Love, LOVE the shibori! I don't understand a word you wrote about the warp and the other stuff. I stitch by hand. Do you teach dyeing?