Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I want to be your "something".

I was showing a new friend a baby blanket I had made for my trainer, and then a baby sweater I was working on for my hairdresser, and she said "I wanna be your something!" 

" Can I be your nutritionist? Gardner?" 

Here is a baby blanket woven for my trainer, and his wife and impending daughter. I inquired about colors, and pink is the winner, with a touch of green.  I wanted a lightweight, super soft, machine washable blanket.  I wanted some visual interest, but subtly.  So I dyed some yarn. I dyed Alpine Cotton Petite in a pink and green variegation, as well as solid pink.  I also dyed some Safari III in the same pink and green variegation.  Then I warped the loom in subtle texture stripes, 20 ends of Alpine P, 20 ends of Safari III.   The structure is plain weave with 30 shots of solid pink alternating with 20 ends of the variegated safari.  Actually, as the effect is very subtle, my process was more like a bobbin full of alpine, then 20 shots of safari.  

Anyhoooo. This is the result.  Oh, the fringe. Tied tiny tight knots, cut 'em short.  Threw the whole thing in the washing machine. Washed on hot, rinsed in cold and then dried on hot again.  It softened everything and shrunk it as far as it will go. 

Looking at the picture I notice you can hardly  see the green. Told you it was subtle!

And here is the sweater.  Isn't it cute!?  It is the Baby's and Bears Pattern from Cottage Creations.  The yarn is Rowan Pure Life. This yarn is a dream to knit with - many plies so be careful of splitting it.  But is is wonderfully soft. 

I like this sweater so much, I think I'll make another. Any one up for a knit along? 

Of course, in addition to the above projects, I have been dying tons and tons of yarn. No pictures here, you'll have to come into the shop to see.  I am very excited about Kona Sport.  Same machine washable wool as my best seller - Kona Superwash, but, you guessed it - in sport weight.  Maybe a B&B sweater out of that?  

I also have been busy planning Summer events, and new yarn acquisitions. I am going to need new shelving!  I met up with Rae Blackledge of Rae's  Yarn Boutique last Saturday.  We both skipped lunch in favor of caffeine.  And one result is that we cooked up a picnic!  On World Wide Knit in Public Day, we are jointly hosting a picnic at Patriarche Park in East Lansing.  We have reserved a shelter and tables.  Please come!  Bring along a dish to pass, and/ or whatever you want to grill. We'll bring soft beverages.  And, of course knitting and crocheting.  The more the merrier of course - we want the world to see that knitters are a force to behold. And join!  Let me know if you are coming. Drop me a comment or call 517-203-4467. 


Ava said...

Cute blanket and baby jacket. THe picnic sounds like fun too.

Ragnar said...

Remind me again, what day is knit in public day?

Nancy McRay said...

WWKIP is June 14. That's a Saturday.

Ewe-niss said...

Oh, I think I would like to join your picnic! (If I live through May :-)

Nancy McRay said...

I am happy to give you something to hang on for!