Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cross Breezes

The weather cracked moments before I did. It was suddenly warm enough to open the  doors on either side of my kitchen, allowing a warm-ish breath of air to float through.  My little blind dog raised his nose to sniff, checking for squirrels.  

It is the perfect weather to inspire trying new techniques. Call it a cross breeze for the brain.
On the left, below, is the start of a Stash Buster Blanket, using a three yarn tunisian crochet technique.

I am using all yarns from the sale bin - don't they look lovely together? This easy technique uses a HUGE crochet hook, with a long "tail" on it.  It is easy, fun and fast. Like a breeze!

On the right, above, is the beginning of a double knit hat. I am designing as I go. And learning as I go, as well. A few favorite customers requested a double knitting class. So, I spent an afternoon with a Lucy Neatby DVD, and then another afternoon, and learned so much my head nearly exploded. But, as Lucy explains, walk away from it for a bit, and when you come back, it just makes all kinds of sense.  
I will be ready, in two weeks for the one night workshop.

The fuzzy picture over on the right is a top down design from Stephanie Japel's book "Fitted Knits".  The yarn is Louisa Hardings "Glisten", with the trim in Nassau, a hand-dyed (by me!) silk and cotton blend.  The picture is fuzzy in part because the yarn has a subtle little glitter to it.  It will be perfect for  Summer dinner party.  I have to admit, I had doubts about this sweater every stitch of the way. But, finished, I love it!  


Ava said...

Fell in love with Glisten in Frankfurt. How does it wear?

Nancy McRay said...

It feels nicer than I thought it would while knitting it - steam blocking relaxed it a bit. I haven't worn it yet, but once I do, I'll give you a report!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy,
Your blog is looking great. The Tunisian Scarf is sooo sharp.

I left you a note about dying some yarn for me... I just have one small change... I'd like to have the Kona Petite (sock yarn) dyed in a bright red.

I'd like to mix the sock yarn and the Kona superwash to try to get to a bulky weight. Will that work?? Or do I need a different second yarn???