Tuesday, April 1, 2008

art and knitting

Woah! Didn't expect to see that on a knitting blog did you? The big red head is part of one of my latest creative adventures. There is going to be a local art show called "Social Discourse" this Spring at the Lansing Art Gallery, and I felt called to make a piece for it. Ten years ago, or so, my grad school career was focused on making political statements with my art. I did a lot of work about environmental issues, and also a a large weaving about the first war in Iraq. I found making art to be the best way for me to express my concerns. My only goal for my artwork was to encourage others to at least think about the things that had me worried. Bring it up to the surface. I have never intended to tell other people what to think, as many politically based artworks seem to do. Instead I use it as a platform to illustrate what I think, and perhaps to spark a dialogue.
Here another picture, including all the heads. The working title is "One, Two, Three, What are we Fighting For?", and the opinion I hope to illustrate is that throughout the current Iraq War, the reasons for being there have shifted several times. Between our press, and our administration, it is very difficult to get a clear understanding of what our goals are in Iraq. And in the meantime, it is very, very costly.

Each head will have a hat, with an inscription in Fair Isle. (I am very lucky to have two dear friends who are knitting two of the hats for me. Thank you!) The text of each will refer to a different reason of set of reasons that have been offered to us. 9-11, WMD, Iraqi Freedom, and the last hat will be a flurry of words that have been in the media a great deal lately. On the cheek of the Red Head, is a paragraph citing Americans for not being well informed about the War. I am suggesting that our misinformation is due in large part to a spectacle driven media, and shifting rationale from our leaders. But that is just what I think. What do you think?

OK - now back to knitting. It is April! To prove it I offer you a picture of the April 2008 Stitch Challenge! It is a Tulip designed by Kristina Zwick. And it is ready for you to pick up at Woven Art. For those of you who don't know, Woven Art offers a stitch challenge every month. For $1 you get the pattern and a ball of yarn just big enough to knit your little square. Those who have been playing along, now have about 16 seven inch squares. That's a decent little stitch library, or it could become a beautiful blanket or shawl. For the fabulously creative, (you!), there is a contest. Using one of the stitch challenges as a starting point, design and create something. Could be a scarf, sweater, socks, wallhanging, etc. Jessy and Nancy will be the judges, the prize will be one skein of Montana (the stitch challenge yarn) dyed to your specifications. Deadline is August 30.

This is my Flair sweater. Washed out by the flash. But still pretty cute. Designed by Wendy Bernard,(Knit and Tonic) and knitted with Ty-Dy yarn. I can not wait to wear it. Next week maybe. I am looking for a day over 60. Right now the sky is spitting snow.

April Fool!

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Ewe-niss said...

On your blog, Nancy - I always expect it to be interesting and artistic. Thank you. I have been out of the art community for many years. (Motherhood, moving, work...) Knitting satisfies my need to be able to physically have something created by my hands, and offers a little bit of a brain challenge. I do miss the creativeness of others and the messages. I feel like I just don't have time to 'get' the art anymore. I miss it. Thank you for a thought provoking moment.