Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Silk Obessesion

I dyed so much yarn yesterday that I collapsed a drying rack. And today I am dying roving. Happy, Happy me! 

Pictures next week!

This past Saturday, Jacquie Vaughan taught a silk spinning workshop at Woven Art.   We learned a bit about the history and cultivation of silk. I briefly thought it would be fun to raise silk worms.  I think I am over that.  Then we boiled up some dyed silk cocoons and stretched them on wooden frames ( or cardboard for disorganized me):

Above is one stretched cocoon.  After you get about ten stretched out together they make a very pretty "hankie". Then, you can spin from it.  During the course of our class we got a chance to spin from a silk cap, a silk hankie and also from a Bombyx silk brick.  
I quickly fell for spinning silk on a drop spindle.  Currently I am spinning it fairly fine, and alternating spinning from the cap, with spinning from the brick.  Spinning from the cap gives you a little bit of a slub as bits of the cap hang on.  And the bombyx brick yields a very smooth yarn.  Well, I  get some thick and thin parts, but I am just still learning. My guess is that these two plyed together will make a beautiful, somewhat rustic silk yarn.  So my spindle is always near by, in a little bag my oldest daughter made me ages ago.  I pick it up when I have a minute.  I have one cocoon shaped lump, and am working on the second.  Maybe I can ply tomorrow! 

I am a nerd. 

Go here for fun.  I am not the only one who likes to dress up trees!

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elizabeth said...

That picture you linked to is awesome! I totally love the idea of dressing up trees.