Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Thank You note.

Every year I get a birthday gift from the Universe. In fact, I enjoy synchronicity, and good fortune, all year round, but near my birthday I keep an eye out for extra special things coming my way. This year I got my gift early.

Knit Michigan was this past Saturday. I took one helper with me, and accepted the offer of "set-up" help from one other person. I really thought that would be more than enough. In fact Woven Art was wildly busy from the moment the market opened to the marathoners. Neither helper left my side, for 7 hours, except to go get us lunch. And more friends who came to enjoy the event kept checking on my booth, answering questions and helping customers when they could. Then at the end of the day all 6 materialized to get the shop packed up and into my car. I was truly exhausted - but the warm glow from my good fortune of being blessed with great friends, powered me home.

Thanks Universe!

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KB said...

Happy Birthday, Nancy -- whenever it is this month.