Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy February!

A lot of people are kind of grumpy about February. It is another sure month of Winter. Gray, cold. No end in sight. But! February has all kinds of silly reasons for celebration.
#1:Ground Hog's Day! A little bit of a cruel one, because no matter what Phil ( or whatever they call that furry guy) sees, we are guaranteed six more weeks of genuine Winter. Gray. Cold.
#2: My Birthday! OK - maybe that doesn't cheer you up - but I always get a bit of a glow from being the birthday girl.
#3: Valentines Day! A day to go all out with pink and red and hearts and hugs. Admittedly, as half of a longtime marriage, Valentine's Day is (for me) less about romance than about celebrating all my loved ones. So I find the cheesiness, and the cutesiness delicious. (P.S. please don't tell my Husband I said this. I like getting flowers!)
#4: President's Day! Which to me means: Long Weekend! Yay!
#5: After February there is March, is which when Spring, technically, occurs.

So, to celebrate February I bring you:

Double Helix Cables, the Stitch pattern of the month, courtesy of Jessy Henderson.

We are all counting on this current snow storm to end in time for clear roads tomorrow, so that we can get to Knit Michigan. The yarn wall, above, is going with me. Along with several model garments, thanks to my wonderful and generous customers!
And this is my Habu side to side cardigan. Kit #53. I am very pleased to have finished it in time to take Saturday. We will have 4 finished Habu kits at our booth for people to fall in love with.
It's going to be a fun day - weather permitting! I hope to see you there!

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Kristin said...

Its a drizzly 40 degree overcast day here in Tucson, which is unusual enough weather for us to deserve a comment. But I know thats its like a preview to your late march or april, sometimes I can't help but point it out. Also, I might mention that on presidents day it will be a sunny 70*.
Happy Valentines day mom, love you! When the snow gets to you come visit