Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yarn frenzy

It is no secret that I love the yarns from Habu textiles. As a weaver and knitter I have been a big fan for several years.  In fact, at my shop I have set up a corner that Ava refers to as my "Habu Shrine".  The shrine is actually much fuller than it appears here, as we received a big shipment yesterday. Can you spot the newest addition to my Habu Family?  
Shosheni Paper!  A paper yarn made from linen. Durable, and washable. It knits into a wonderful feeling garment that rustles softly as you move about.  For more ideas of what you can do with this yarn, go here.

The same day I got in the Habu shipment, I also got a great big box of new Tofutsies!  Some great colors in this shipment. Have you tried this for your socks yet?  They have a wonderful cool and silky feel. 

In addition to unpacking boxes, most of my time this week has been spent meeting with yarn reps, and ordering Summer yarns.  I had the nicest conversation yesterday with a woman at Tilli Tomas.  I had a little problem.  Woven Art will be going to Knit Michigan in just under two weeks.  I will have my Sahara sweater in the fashion show, so I want the yarn in my booth. I dyed a great green to match a skein of disco lights just for this sweater. When I got to the shop - guess what. Yep - the green was all gone.  So, panicked phone call to Tilli, and she really helped me out. They ship my order today.  In addition to a restock on Disco Lights, ( a handspun sequined silk) I'm also getting in several colors of Voile de Mer - a lace weight silk and seacell fiber.  
Some people get through the cold Winter by looking at seed catalogs. I buy yarn.  
It is a quicker way to get color. And you can't wrap your self up in a tomato plant! 

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Can't wait to see your Sahara!

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