Thursday, January 10, 2008

Project Progress

Habu Sweater Kit #53 - a side to side ribbed cardi.  Made with two strands of wool stainless, and one strand of 2/17 Tsumugi silk.  The fabric is so yummy - soft, great drape. Very light! I am here almost halfway through the back.  Deidra just told me a funny story about knitting on her kusa kusa scarf on a  to New York.  She was detained by airport security, because the cone of stainless didn't make it through the x-ray machine.  She wouldn't let them confiscate her yarn, good girl, but she ended up in the "little room" for questioning.  I guess she won, because she was able to make good progress on the scarf during her trip. Once knit up, the scarf posed no problems on the return trip.  I wonder if anyone else has had an experience like this with the metal yarns? Another young girl was also stopped and questioned because her plastic bangle bracelet (given to her for Christmas by her VBF) had a trace of metal in it. Wow.  They have those detectors set to "stun". 
Above you see my entrelac sweater, sleeveless so far, from Sarah Peasley's entrelac sweater design class. Hard to tell, but it has a very deep V-neck, that will be finished with gray I-cord. The sleeves will be solid gray, but will continue in the entrelac pattern. I can't wait to see how this happens. Huh, Sarah? How do we decrease the sleeves?  I didn't want my sweater of boxes, to look well, boxy.  Again, it's hard to tell here, but I did some subtle shaping. For the middle portion I simply dropped down a needle size. I have tried this much of the sweater on, and lo and behold, it skims my body.  Just enough of a curve in it.  I am counting on the puffy look to subside with blocking. I made those down vests back in the 80's as a token of true love to my hiker dude. His was blue and mine was green.  I have pictures of me crossing a river on a log wearing mine. It wasn't flattering then, and I don't think the puffy look will be good for me now. 


Ava said...

Nice job on both! I took my Kusha scarf with me in my handbag to Texas - security never detected it. I always pack the Kusha shawl, which has two cones worth of stainless now, because I'm using Addi lace needles. They look like weapons so I've decided never to risk carrying them on.

I thought you were going to TNNA. Are you there?

Ava said...

be sure to post on the Habu KAL blog! Ask all the others to join.