Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One Warp

Two completely different results.  The warp is 12/2 cotton sett at 24 ends per inch.  Pictured above is a scarf woven with a  slub yarn, and high twist wool crepe, both from Habu Textiles 
I was hoping that the wool crepe stripe would cause this fabric to buckle.  It didn't, and I think it is because the weave structure itself has too many intersections.  I'll need an overshot draft, or something that will allow for floats longer than three threads. Or maybe it would help if it were woven for more than a quarter inch!  Even though I didn't get what I expected, I still like the scarf it produced - very light, and has a good drape. It would make a nice "business" scarf, to complete a suit or jacket. 

And these are new towels for the bathroom at Woven Art. Yes - same warp! Same threading. This is done with a loom controlled shibori technique that I learned from Catherine Ellis' book Woven Shibori.  I have more of these books at the shop, if you are interested. 

So, next? I'm gonna do it again.  I want more towels and I want to collapse some fabric, dang-it! I haven't decided on the weave structure yet. Probably go for a 3/1, 1/3 twill threading, with a variety of treadlings.  I am looking for long floats, and good pattern.  

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Candy said...

Oh, my. This is a skill I want to learn before I die! Love the woven shibori.