Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mitten class and colorways

I am developing a new class for me to teach at Woven Art. It is a basic mitten class that uses a gauge swatch and a drawing of your hand to create a mitten pattern. I am having two people test out my process, and their feedback has been very helpful. The mitten I made fits my hand just the way I like it - kind of tight. Some may prefer a little more ease - but if that's true, your pattern can be easily adjusted.
Above is my finished mitten. The yarn is my own handspun alpaca and silk slubby yarn. Yay! If you areinterested in the class, the details are posted at Look under class listings.
This stuff here is some bamboo from Habu textiles. It is pictured on my gray kitchen counter. I am planning on weaving fabric for kitchen curtains using this, and a turquoise batch from last week's dye pots. Probably use a white linen warp. I haven't decided on the weave structure. Maybe Summer and winter squares. Maybe a complex crackle weave. The decor is a cross between French country and 50's modern.
This glowing stuff here is Kona petite. Ragnar has already snapped up the golden one on the bottom. To be fair, I dyed it per her own request. I can't wait to see what Fair Isle magic she comes up with.
And this fun stuff is hand dyed Panda Cotton. Great sock yarn, I have also seen it made into tank tops, and have heard tell of bathing suits as well. This is in my primary colors color way. A personal and shop favorite!

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