Monday, January 14, 2008


How can a crochet hook and some acrylic yarn make you laugh, and make you think, and call the question of anonymity and individuality? Agata Olek
learned to crochet as a young child in Poland, but stopped for six years, taking it up again when her head got cold from having shaved off her hair. Then she stopped again until she got a job making theater and dance costumes. It wasn't until an art professor challenged her to make a sculpture using yarn, twine and rope, that she became fully obsessed. You can read the full article in the Jan/Feb issue of FiberArts magazine. But for fun and inspiration right now, click on her name above.

For yet more fun and inspiration visit this link:

There are more articles in this issue that I want to share, but really, you should probably just go get your own copy. This issue is focused on Art to Wear. Mostly not Art you Would wear, but Art that needs a body in it to be complete.

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