Monday, January 7, 2008

Blurry blue bamboo

Here below are some products of my dye pots this week:

Can you say Blurry Blue Bamboo from Habu? This is not the soft drapey bamboo most commonly found in yarn shops. This bamboo is fiesty!  It is what would happen if you pounded open a stalk of bamboo, and tied the fibers together. Can you see the little bends and bumps?  It takes the dye surprisingly well. I cannot wait to weave with it. This skein  will go into the shop this week.  But it could end up in kitchen curtains if no one snaps it up. 
Red Silk.  Lace maybe?
Eggplant Prime Alpaca.  Really dark in real life. Dark purple and black.
Celery green prime alpaca.
Sky blue prime alpaca. 

My color choices this week were dictated by a special order for rug wool.  Not wanting to just dye one skein in any one pot, I threw in the ones that you see above.  

Yesterday was such a wonderful day at Woven Art. We hosted an artist reception for Kelly McRay and her show: "Gestures" which is a series of gesture drawings developed into fully realized drawings.  I'll post one or two later this week.  It also was a meeting of the Woven Art book club, and they were discussing Advice they would give to their younger selves.  I always enjoy the book club discussions, as I get to know a new side of my friends each time. This time was especially satisfying.  Great group! And very open, new members really are welcome!

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